Microneedling, also referred to as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure aimed at addressing skin concerns by stimulating collagen production. It involves the use of fine needles to create numerous tiny, invisible puncture wounds on the skin’s surface. The micro-injuries trigger the body’s natural wound healing mechanisms, leading to enhanced collagen and elastin synthesis as well as cell renewal. This process aids in reversing and preventing signs of aging.




This medical treatment is the preferred choice for those looking to enhance the appearance of their skin without surgery or downtime, unlike other extensive aesthetic procedures. Our microneedling treatment treats age spots, blackheads, hyper-pigmentation (melasma), acne spots and scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and improves the appearance of dull, “tired-looking” skin. The improvement of the skin’s texture, tone, and color is highly noticeable after this treatment. One of the most exciting perks of our microneedling procedure is the immediate results. The skin has a “glow” as soon as the procedure is finished, and visible changes to the skin develop over the course of several weeks.


  • Avoid this treatment if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • Discontinue using products that increase skin sensitivity in advance (such as retinol or abrasive chemical exfoliants).
  • Discontinue strong topical treatments at least a week before.
  • Delay treatment if you have open wounds or active acne.
  • Avoid sun exposure at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

After Care

  • Apply a gentle moisturizer daily to help with dry, flaking skin.
  • Avoid applying makeup at least 24 hours post treatment.
  • Avoid the sun for at least 7-10 days post treatment and apply sunscreen daily.
  • Avoid use of steam baths, saunas or swimming pools at least 2 days after the treatment.
  • To maintain results, continue with follow-up sessions and other complementary treatments.