Face Skin Analysis


A skin analysis reveals skin issues and analyzes other factors to prescribe the best treatments. It has multiple methods like strong light, magnifying lamps, and UV images. Each method reveals skin in a different way. Assessment of hydration, melanin levels, lipid levels, and skin types is made before reaching a final verdict. Your personal input regarding your concerns and medical history is also taken into consideration. Depending on your results, various treatments and skin care routines will be recommended. An in-depth analysis can take up to 15 minutes.




  • Discover skin issues lying underneath the visible skin layer.
  • It helps accurately diagnose skin type, so you can use it for future reference.
  • More accessible to curate treatments to accommodate your skin’s specific needs.
  • Avoid treatments that do not go well with your medications.
  • Misleading self-diagnosis is avoided.


The preparation for face skin analysis is as follows:

  • Avoid skincare and makeup for at least one day before treatment, so the oil levels return to normal.
  • Make sure that 24 hours prior to the examination, to enjoy the same regular lifestyle routine in order to have the most accurate results.

After Care

Aftercare for a face skin analysis involves:

  • Follow the recommended skincare routine.
  • Adjust your skin care products to your identified skin type.
  • Keep your skin hydrated to ensure skin health.
  • Remember to use sunscreen and moisturizer.

finally, understand you skin better

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