Collagen LED Body Boost


This full-body treatment uses pure RED light therapy to treat and repair the body. Red light therapy is a safe, natural way to speed up the healing process for burns, wounds, surgery incisions, and scars, as shown in numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies, and is known as the “light of life”.




The therapeutic mechanism of the Collagen LED Body Boost treatment can help
speed up the elimination of sick or dead cells, strengthen cell regeneration, and improve the blood circulation. At the same time, it also enhances the functioning of white blood cells, thereby achieving anti-inflammatory effects, and improving immune function of the body. It is beneficial to wound healing, fracture healing, nerve repair, etc.

This treatment relieves cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, improves pain, promotes wound healing, enhances physical fitness, improves sleep, relieves acne and more.


  • Avoid the sun and keep your skin moisturized.
  • Consult the provider on the color of light that would be preferable for you.
  • Wear provided eye goggles, to prevent irritation to the eyes
  • Refrain from using medication that increases sensitivity to light.
  • Avoid this treatment if you are pregnant or nursing.

After Care

  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water
  • Apply sunscreen and stay away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep your skin moisturized and hydrated for health benefits.
  • Continue with follow-up sessions to ensure more visible and long-lasting results.