24K Gold Facial


Feel like absolute luxury while being pampered in this anti-aging-infused 24K gold treatment. This non-invasive facial stimulates cell growth, elasticity and smoothness, while reducing visible effects of sun damage and age spots. When paired with a boosting serum or our LED light therapy, this enhances and leaves the skin glowing radiance.




In this luxurious treatment, we enjoy a golden glow and radiant skin.

  • The cream, serum and pure 24-karat gold leaf sheets used in this treatment have properties that help to firm and lift the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance the overall look of the skin complexion.
  • Gold has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce sun damage, while stimulating circulation.
  • This facial hydrates the skin, leaving it with a glow that radiates health and vitality.
  • With regular treatments you can enjoy improved elasticity, smoothness, improved metabolism and reduced discoloration.


  • Remove makeup prior to treatment.
  • Avoid this treatment if you are pregnant or nursing.

After Care

  • Apply sunscreen.
  • Do not wash your face immediately after treatment.
  • Continue follow-up sessions at least once a month or every two weeks.
  • Follow up with a retinol or vitamin C product at home for enhanced results.