Muscle Toning


Wanting to look more “toned” is a goal for many people. A firm-looking body results generally from an increase in muscle tissue, which requires persistent workouts. However, we can improve our workout performance and the results with red or infrared light therapy. One study had shown that light therapy improved muscle growth 50% greater than those with muscle training alone.

Causes of Muscle Toning

Building muscle mass is typically what makes muscles look defined. Resistance training as well as cardio, for instance, is what causes muscles to grow versus weaken. Muscles weaken mainly because of these reasons:

  • Lack of resistance workouts. Working out builds muscle mass, and so the muscle strength depends on how much we work out and how it is done.
  • The amount of fat covering the muscles affects what they look like from the outside. Cardio activities and the food we consume take hold of the calories we burn on any given day.
  • Genetics plays a role, some of us have body types that inherently cause us to store more fat, burn more calories or build muscle quicker

By exposing our body to the therapeutic red light, our cells receive this rejuvenating, anti-aging energy boost that enables them to perform every single function at a heightened level.  The light works by stimulating the body’s natural self-healing process, which plays an important role in muscle health, athletic performance, and muscle recovery.

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