Acne Scars


While acne is treatable, it can leave behind long-lasting traces. Acne scars might heal on their own, but sometimes they are stubborn enough to stay. Before trying to treat scars, it’s important to know its type. Each type responds to a certain treatment differently, and some treatments are better for particular types than others.

Causes of Acne Scars

The primary cause of acne scars is inflammation in the cutaneous cavity.  The swelling of these pores causes damage to the hair follicles and the dermal tissues. The healthy tissue dies, and a scar is left behind. Internal reasons for acne scars include:

  • If the body produces too little collagen, an acne scar is formed.
  • If collagen is produced in excess, it can lead to raised scars.
  • Ice pick scars form where the skin is thinner. The tissue damage in this scar type is formed vertically. They are the hardest to treat due to their depth.
  • Rolling scars are broad and indented. Their edges are soft and round. They are caused by wider and shallow tissue damage and by lack of collagen production.

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